Blog Challenge Day 30: Who are you?

Day 30: Who are you? In case the blog challenge hasn't answered it for you by now... I am an honest, creative, stubborn, inquisitive being with an uncanny love of sweets, especially tropical Mike and Ikes and ice cream--uncanny because of my tendencies towards being a bit of a health nut: I'm a Kashi stan. [...]

Blog Challenge 29: Thinking Ahead

Day 29: Describe your future plans and goals.     I plan to get a phD, visit Africa, tidy up the place, fall in love, publish Marrow (to great acclaim), run a sub-4 marathon, and achieve full lotus—not necessarily in that order.

Blog Challenge Day 28: Got brains?

Day 28: What attracts you to someone? Got brains?  You can get it!  Ooh that was crass.  (Please don’t judge me). But seriously, I am a sucker for someone who can teach me something and not just hold but carry a conversation.  (The latter will prove quite important because I can be painfully shy and [...]

Blog Challenge 27: Gawdy is in the eye of the beholder

Day 27:  Describe your fashion style.   Was it Coco Chanel who said before you walk out the door, you should take off one accessory? Well, she was probably trying to warn me against my tendencies toward the gawdy.  I like bright colors, lots of accessories (I used to wear rings on at least 3 [...]

Blog Challenge Day 26: Pump Your Speakers: It’s the Mixtape!

Day 26: List the first 10 songs to play on shuffle on your mp3 player. *(not necessarily in this order) 1.  Is This Love – Bob Marley I'm willing and able/so I lay my cards on the table/I wanna love you/and treat you right/I wanna love you/every day and every night 2.  Magalenha – Sergio [...]

Blog Challenge Day 24: Going to the Go-Go

Day 24: Post a song that makes you smile. Go-go is DC's indigenous music.  It can get a party started like no other music I know.  (Well almost--Baltimore club music makes me wish I could SpongeBob everytime)! I can't tell you when I first heard it, but I first of it when my big sister [...]

Blog Challenge Day 23: The Things They Carried…

Day 23: List and describe the contents that can always be found in your bag. The Things They Carried is a good book--a collection of short stories by Tim O'Brien, a Vietnam vet, mostly about Vietnam. I'm not sure if it's not telling how much a person carries with them--as Erykah Badu rings in my [...]

Blog Challenge Day 21: Shawty of the Year goes to February

Day 21: List the goals you want to complete by the end of this month. 1.  Finish the books I'm supposed to be reading. 2.  Finish this blog challenge. 3.  Save some money. 4.  Submit some work for publication. 5. Create something.  

Blog Challenge Day 20: to my Creators

Day 20: Write a letter to your parents. Hey guys, Thank you. for buying me stuff like my Smurf Tunes because I loved the Smurfs and you knew I loved the Smurfs so you even bought me Smurfs underwear; and for not buying me stuff that you knew you couldn't afford; I know how it [...]