Body Talk

The training, racing, and creative a triumph over the physical and psychic conditions just outside the parameters of control which would censor and stilt performance.

AWP 2016 — I’ll be there, so come through and say hey

I'll be  on a panel called "Written By Ourselves: The Craft of Immobile Corporeality" on Friday, April 1 at 12 noon (Rm. 51o of the L.A. Convention Center). Stop by and hear me talk about the lovers of Jonestown and how they use the stillness of intimacy in defiance of their circumstances in that Guyana [...]

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

I count among the things I suck at performing poetry. I mean, I guess it's all a performance when we present it orally.  But despite what pictures may suggest; I've won a slam before even, I see myself as a reader, a storyteller; I don't perform my poetry. As I head back to the mic [...]

Monthly Meter: November

I forgot to post this... fellowship/publication submissions: 2 fellowship/publication acceptances: 2 fellowship/publication rejections: 0 books: are nice. To read and stuff. Secret Shame: My triceps Mantra of the Moment: If your dreams aren't scaring you, you're not dreaming big enough.

Advice for People Writing Advice for Writers

Advice for People Writing Advice for Writers 7 Ways to Make Writing Advice Suck Less I will literally click on any link that says “Writing Advice.” The link may come from the New Yorker or someone’s Angelfire website from 1999. Doesn’t matter. I will read that crap out of it. Before we get to what [...]