Tune In!

Remember those posts: I am a miracle (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). and Didn't Yesterday say you couldn't yet you did? Mrs. Burke read them and thought they were worth sharing. So I'll be sharing them. On November 16th at 6 on the radio (in my Donna Summer voice). Tune in!

Remembering Hurricane Gaston

August 30thTen years ago this time--6:30 p.m.--I was struggling to get home from work.  I was low on gas and cash because I was on a new contract and had been unemployed all summer.  As the commute crept along in the rain and its requisite traffic, I calculated how much of both I was using.What [...]

Poem #13 of 30

RUNNING DOWN THE DAWN We are there before sound. Though birds refuse to meet us until we make half way, we are the streets that the News teaches mothers & daddies to close speeches with No, you may not. Draw the day in straight lines and careful angles swollen like worms in bottles of tequila [...]