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the lankiest one, voice on the verge of collecting crushes, is making himself up as he goes, a danger my dad’s admonitions cannot prepare him for; will justify the conflation of boy to body. Real Enough is real enough.

50 Books I’ve Loved (in no particular order)

1.  Browngirl, Brownstones – Paule Marshall 2.  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Betty Smith 3.  Segu – Maryse Conde 4.  The Secret of Gumbo Grove – Eleanora Tate 5.  No Easy Place To Be – Steven Corbin 6.  Long Distance Life – Marita Golden 7.  Sweet Whispers Brother Rush – Virginia Hamilton 8.  Assata [...]

Monthly Meter: July

fellowship/publication submissions: 7

fellowship/publication acceptances: 1

fellowship/publication rejections: 4

Black Rage - Drs. William H. Grier and Price M. Cobbs
Pym - Mat Johnson

Secret Shame: I see dumb people.

Mantra of the Moment: "Do not thin yourself. Be vast. You do not bring the ocean to a river."