Things My Mother Has Not Done For Me

I see y'all whose do list is longer than your don'ts maybe feeling guilty; maybe feeling sentimental amnesia. I see you all. And every time I look in a mirror I see my mama whether I like it or not. (I do for the record--cheeks, doe eyes, and all).

Without Rock or Shore

I've been trying to ignore the tug in my gut that has persisted since I first read about this story yesterday. It was the stark inhumanity of it for sure; the sheer violence; the unchecked toxic masculinity; the questions about how is it that the ability to find a jersey is easier than locating a publicly; pinging-off-cell-phone-towers [...]

You’re gonna have to stop all this running and exercising…and start eating some meat.

Daddy, I love you, but dude, Kojak?  Turned up to deaf? Ahh those were the days.  Unemployed and back with the folks after 18 years, I was not the happiest camper at camp.  So I chased a few highs (and a few job leads).  First Oreos, then some retail therapy, and then something I’d discovered [...]

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

I read somewhere that as an adult you become whomever you were at age 7.  Part of me thinks: scary thought. The 7 year old I was—always trying to write the longest story in Mrs. Fountain’s class—with the neatest handwriting (we received a grade for penmanship) is not wholly unlike the woman I have become. [...]

You Were Made For This

Two beautiful weekends in a row: Last weekend I helped to usher my grandmother into the leg of the Journey she gets to take with the ancestors. Sure I'll miss her, never stop loving her, but I know she was made to make me the woman I am; to give me (and really all of [...]

Blog Challenge Day 20: to my Creators

Day 20: Write a letter to your parents. Hey guys, Thank you. for buying me stuff like my Smurf Tunes because I loved the Smurfs and you knew I loved the Smurfs so you even bought me Smurfs underwear; and for not buying me stuff that you knew you couldn't afford; I know how it [...]

Blog Challenge Day 18: Oh yeah, you were right: I got that fellowship.

Day 18: Write a letter to someone you miss.   Hi Aunt Sarah! The students are fine.  They are sometimes under prepared but if they already knew it all (like they sometimes think they do) I guess that would mean I wouldn't have a job!  I didn't think I would like working with young people [...]

Blog Challenge Day 16: my cousin Kenny

Day 16: Post a picture that makes you smile.   Kenny is my second cousin--the son of my pop-pop's sister.  So just by virtue of his age he's really always been more like an uncle, so much so that unlike with any other cousin, my sisters and I put a handle on his name.  He [...]