You Were Made For This

Two beautiful weekends in a row:

Last weekend I helped to usher my grandmother into the leg of the Journey she gets to take with the ancestors.

Sure I’ll miss her, never stop loving her, but I know she was made to make me the woman I am; to give me (and really all of us) the tools–such as my own mama–to make this leg of my Journey with dignity, humility, faith, and good food.

I am so knock-kneed.

This weekend, I ran 30k at the beach, through a canopy of trees that shielded me from the crazy winds of an uncommonly warm February morning.  Pretty, pretty.

Sure my knees were a little hung over after that party, weren’t sure if they wanted to join in today’s, but I know they were made to carry me through this leg of my Journey with the same tools Grandmommy gave me (including the dignity–a salty face from sweat evaporation is not a hot look, and the good food–I had a French toast brunch afterward)!

There sometimes seems a lack of obvious intention in the ways of the Universe.  I have never been able to imagine my life; it happens to me and I’m, all like, Oh okay.  I’d like to think that I’m not being lazy; just deferring to the wisdom of the Universe.

Last week, when I walked my niece and nephew past the wax figure they knew as “Me-Mom” without losing a single cool point as I imagined the “Grandmommy” it represented for me, I gave words to my belief.  I think I realized probably for the first time in all the days I have walked on this earth–you were made for this.

I, who was so non-athletic as a girl that I earned a C in gym, beat the girl with the muscle-y legs yesterday!

The Universe is wise beyond, like, just beyond beyond so you gotta know: you were made to take your Journey.  Don’t try to imagine it–just go!  They gave me ancestors like Grandmommy, and it is the ancestors who give you wings to fly through this leg.  And-d-d they are even holding your ankles as you stand on their shoulders to keep you anchored (especially in winds like yesterday’s)!

2 thoughts on “You Were Made For This

  1. Beautiful Dar – the blessing of our ancestors is nothing short of …a blessing! Thank God (often) for them & the wings you were also given with which to fly. I absolutely love reading your blogs…you’re honest, thorough & gifted. Loving you even more….


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