Blog Challenge Day 18: Oh yeah, you were right: I got that fellowship.

Day 18: Write a letter to someone you miss.


Hi Aunt Sarah!

The students are fine.  They are sometimes under prepared but if they already knew it all (like they sometimes think they do) I guess that would mean I wouldn’t have a job!  I didn’t think I would like working with young people this much.  They say it’s in my blood: you, Mommy, Uncle Richard, Aunt Catherine, Daddy’s baby sister Aunt Eleanor…Well, they are keeping me young as you used to tell me they would.  Them, the water, and/or my latest hobbies: running and dance.   I know, Aunt Sarah–go figure–me running!  Yes, your fat “baby” who would lay on you and go to sleep; who didn’t decide to walk for, like, ever!  Mommy and Doreen still tease me about that.

I miss you and these conversations.

Dar and Aunt SarahAnyway, fair is fair: I ate the Cow Tales I was supposed to be sending you the week you transitioned.

At first I held on to them for dear life–well, at first as in maybe for a week!  But since I was kind of mad at you I ate them.  I know, I know: you were tired; I was being selfish.  I’m glad you checked in on me to let me know you were okay.  Not that I didn’t know that but we the living have a hard time comprehending what happens after this.  You were here; you know what I mean.  And thanks for checking on me sometimes to make sure I’m okay.  Still wish we could talk face to face but I can sacrifice that knowing you’re good.

Darlene and Aunt SarahThanks a lot for being who you were to and for me (which I guess is why I miss you so much in the first place).  Oh yeah, you were right by the way: I got that fellowship!  Talk about bittersweet, I got the award letter the day I got home from your homegoing.  Bleh.

Anyway, we’ll talk again soon–I’m teaching a night class this semester and have a sleepy commute home afterward.

Love you,

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