Blog Challenge Day 17: Sigh. Gulp. Selah.

Day 17: Post a photo of something that makes you want to cry.

Photo by Ramon Espinosa

This image is from a slide show that came to my inbox from NeoGriot, an information listserv maintained by Kalamu Ya Salaam.

In this picture 2 year old Clercilia Regis’ legs are being bound with gauze by a medic.

According to doctors, she died of cholera a few minutes earlier at the St. Catherine Hospital in Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Wednesday Nov. 10, 2010.

The cholera epidemic is a recent catastrophe in a country recently racked with them: first, a 7.0 earthquake that shook its foundation and a cruel hurricane nearly immediately following that nearly washed away all shreds of hope, then cholera, and most recently Baby Doc’s return from exile.

*selah – “measure carefully and reflect on what has been said”
The word appears in Judeo-Christian scripture and is thought to be of Hebrew origin.  It is used similarly to the word “amen.”

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