Blog Challenge Day 20: to my Creators

Day 20: Write a letter to your parents.

My birthday last year
On our birthday last year. Look at their eyes--they were sleepy as all get out!

Hey guys,

Thank you.
for buying me stuff
like my Smurf Tunes because I loved the Smurfs and you knew I loved the Smurfs
so you even bought me Smurfs underwear;
and for not buying me stuff that you knew you couldn’t afford;
I know how it feels to want and respect work ethic;
for saving a buncha stuff in trash bags
from my kindegarten “self portrait” to my report cards
so I could learn that value is not in the stuff nor where they’re held
unless of course, they’re held in your heart;
for not calling me 24-7 when I was in college; for my wings;
for packages of animal crackers, pretzels, rice cakes, gum and the red suede coat on my 20th birthday (at the bottom of the box) to my p.o. box;
for arguing, making up
and listening to/making me recite my Sunday School pieces in front of the stove,
discuss the tales of my classmates, roommates, and the people I met on YPD trips without showing how not-deep you already knew the stories were because it gave me time to learn that really, it wasn’t that deep;
for the Manhattans, Cool Jerk, and narrating the yearbooks (with Mommy’s black x’s);
Gino’s on Sundays;
making me pick up giblets when the vacuum cleaner was broke;
for eating my vegan cake (aha daddy, I got you!);
for coming to my race, graduations, poetry reading, and blog;
for my sisters;
for dinner at The Magnolia Restaurant when I was hot, in the middle of braiding my hair, and
so through with job hunting that the other two activities seemed barely punishing;
for my skinny calves, doe eyes, frugality, creativity, sense of fairness, and stubbornness;
for clean cars and a backyard.
And sorry for silence, long leaking showers, replacing the white flour with wheat, and
being too poor to return the favor of my birth.

Love you guys,
aka Stuff (Aghhh I actually printed that!)
aka your baby (Yeah Doreen, what?  I said it!)



One thought on “Blog Challenge Day 20: to my Creators

  1. For the record “Sfuff” (and as an inside joke, I’ll leave the prefix off!), You’re welcome – I always knew you guys are appreciative of not only us but of each other -which in & of itself is a blessing. It’s an enjoyable, changing journey, but we do what we do & keep it moving. I really am in awe of the butterflies I see you guys have become after all the changes…but you know what I say about that…you’re OURS & we’re s’posed to love you…but you make it sooo easy & for that we’re blessed…Hmmm how come we were so sleepy in that pic? Might we have been celebrating y’all or our anniversary (a few days early) perhaps?! Hmmm…Love you gurrrrrl…Mwwwwwaaahhhhh


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