Blog Challenge Day 23: The Things They Carried…

Day 23: List and describe the contents that can always be found in your bag.

The Things They Carried is a good book–a collection of short stories by Tim O’Brien, a Vietnam vet, mostly about Vietnam.

I’m not sure if it’s not telling how much a person carries with them–as Erykah Badu rings in my head, “Bag Lady/you gon’ miss your bus/you can’t hurry up/’cause you got too much stuff…let it go, let  it go, let it go.”

My mom called it traveling light and I would probably also ‘fess up to being just a little lazy when it comes to the bag. I’m just not much of a bag girl.

Besides traveling light and hands free provides less temptation for muggers.  And I’m less likely to find myself rummaging at the register trying to answer the phone and find the card at the same time.

Humming: “I can hurry up/’cause I  ain’t got much stuff….”

So I carry wristlets a lot and am a fan of crossbody bags for trips that require more stuff along the journey.  Whether in my pocket, wristlet, or bag, I never usually don’t leave home without:

1.  Lip Gloss

2.  Debit card

3.  License

4.  About 2 singles

5.  Phone

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