Blog Challenge Day 24: Going to the Go-Go

Day 24: Post a song that makes you smile.

Go-go is DC’s indigenous music.  It can get a party started like no other music I know.  (Well almost–Baltimore club music makes me wish I could SpongeBob everytime)!

I can’t tell you when I first heard it, but I first of it when my big sister Dianne had come home from college with stories of parties, concerts, and some cassettes that marked my introduction to music other than 80s New York hip hop and whatever r&b Carter and Sanborn were playing on Power 99.

One of the stories was about the Junkyard Band, go-go royalty to anyone who knows anything about the genre.  She had chilled with them at the mall or something like that and only realized their royalty upon heading to the concert that night.

A few years later, my sister Debbie went to college and returned with similar goodies, among them, this song.  She told us how it got the party started.  And as soon as I heard it I understood why.  I can’t explain go-go’s appeal to its haters, and am not convinced that my own interest is much more than nostalgia for that time when I was fresh and hungry.  I couldn’t wait to get to college: the parties, the concerts, to bring back with me my own tales and cassettes (well, they were transforming to cd’s by then).

“The Water Dance” takes me back there and when I need some, erehem, motivational music, this go-go classic makes the cut everytime!

“Put ya hands in the air do the water dance, yeah!”

One thought on “Blog Challenge Day 24: Going to the Go-Go

  1. Soooo am I to understand that MOST of you guys got such a kick of ‘partying at college’ – so much so the younger ones looked FORWARD to getting a party started there?! And to think I thought all the excitement or at least MOST of it was due to the process of growing up & studying?!?!?! Oh well – if only I knew that water dance I’d throw my own hands up in the air…waving them wildly like I just don’t care…oops – letting y’all get the best of me AGAIN!!! Thanks for the chuckles Dar!


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