Blog Challenge Day 25: Spilling the Beans Since 2007

Day 25: Describe how you found out about blogging and why you made one.

January 2007--one month before I began spilling my beans!

I heard the term and thought it was a joke; I mean the word “blog” sounds like a cartoon character or an icky infection.

A lady I knew, a techie, suggested I consider keeping one based on some of our conversations.  She planned to, and reading hers and researching others, I thought maybe she might be right.  Maybe a blog could be my ongoing writer’s manifesto.  *[Roll timapanies here]*

But who will read it?  And why in the houlihan would anyone want to read my speculations on what, at the time anyway, I expected to be solely about being an emerging, struggling, barely published, hardly in the know–or the loop–writer?  Apparently they wouldn’t.

However all around my soapbox are the beans I spill.  Scavenge, hover, carry on.

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