Blog Challenge Day 26: Pump Your Speakers: It’s the Mixtape!

Day 26: List the first 10 songs to play on shuffle on your mp3 player.
*(not necessarily in this order)

1.  Is This Love – Bob Marley
I’m willing and able/so I lay my cards on the table/I wanna love you/and treat you right/I wanna love you/every day and every night

2.  Magalenha – Sergio Mendes
Vem Magalenha rojão/traz a lenha pro fogão/vem fazer armação./Hoje é um dia de sol/é curtir o verão.

Come Magalenha like firecracker/bring wood for the stove/come to make fun/it’s a day of sunshine/happiness of the idiot/and to enjoy the summer
*(or something like that in Portuguese)

3.  Guava Jelly – Bob Marley
You know that I love you/I love–I love–I love you so/Damsel here I am/come rub me ‘pon me belly like the guava jelly

4.  Tive Razao – Seu Jorge
I won’t wallow in bullshit/you know how it is/I’ll go but I’ll come back when you want
*(or something like that in Portuguese)

5.  Black and Gold – Sam Sparro
All around these golden beacons/I see nothing but black…and I don’t see what I can feel/If vision is the only validation/then most of my life isn’t real.

6.  Be – Common
Walk like warriors/we were never told to run…Never looking back/or too far in front of me/the present is a gift/and I just wanna be.

7.  The Beautiful Struggle – Talib Kweli
I heard it said the revolution won’t be televised/but in the land of milk and honey/there’s a date you gotta sell it by/otherwise it just expires and spoils…Looking for the remedy/but you can see what’s hurting you/the revolution’s here/ the revolution’s personal!

8.  Run and Hide – Algebra
Went the wrong pace and lost a lotta time/ran the wrong race and lost all my mind/I gotta get back/can’t hide that/gonna find find it/guess I gotta pack toothbrush, guitar, and a big comb/who’s gonna look for me when I’m gone?/Still I haven’t found/what I’ve been looking for/but I can’t do this no more/I’ma just run and hide/gonna go far away…

9.  Crown Royal – Jill Scott
Your hands on my hips call me right back to you…you’re so/Crown Royal on ice.

10.  Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight – Amos Lee
We all need a place where we can go and feel over the rainbow/Sometimes we forget/what we got/who we are/and who we are not/I think we got a chance/to make it right/keep it loose/keep it tight.

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