Blog Challenge 27: Gawdy is in the eye of the beholder

Day 27:  Describe your fashion style.


darlene as Gypsy

Was it Coco Chanel who said before you walk out the door, you should take off one accessory?

darlene as Bindi Barbie

Well, she was probably trying to warn me against my tendencies toward the gawdy.  I like bright colors, lots of accessories (I used to wear rings on at least 3 out of 5 fingers on each hand), and my earrings almost always skim my shoulders.

darlene...apparently on her way to Woodstock

Describing my style is hard for me–I have been nicknamed Marcia Brady (I love vintage jumpsuits and have worn orange and lime green polyester bell bottoms in my day), Erykah Badu (for my love of all accessories wooden, dashiki prints, and my headwraps), and Jill Scott (we both rocked orange fros for a while).

darlene starring in Night at the Grand

But because I have a penchant for cardigan sweaters, trouser cut pants, and black turtlenecks I’m not convinced of my place in fashion.  I do know that I’ve never been accused of being conservative.

darlene as Grown and

My wardrobe staples might be telling: Chuck Taylors, silver bangles, wooden accessories, wife beaters, and long skirts.

darlene as Adoring Little Sister

But I’d like to think it varies more than that, even my hairstyles change sometimes.

darlene as Twisted Sister

As it turns out, I guess, my fashion style is not really a style at all.

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