Blog Challenge Day 22: A rose by any other name…

Day 22: List your nicknames and explain the origins.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet…”

Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespeare


"Stuff" at 3...Mostly a nickname employed by my dad for reasons that are unclear though my mom likes to tell me it was because once I got my weight up (I was a preemie) I was quite the fatty and that "Stuff" is just a shortening of the nickname "Big Stuff."

The artist otherwise known as "Picky Fingers"...I was so named by my mom because when I was little, I picked at minute details of things--like I was often found asleep with my hand balled in a fist that was holding...wait for it: a lint. And to go to sleep, if I was in the arms of a female, I searched out her slip or a silky camisole which I rubbed between my forefinger and thumb until I was in the land of the Sandman.
"Penny" a la Shawniel after a reading in St. Louis...He came to the book launch for The Hoot and Holler of the Owls and upon hearing me read my work said I sounded like Penny (played by a pre-teen Janet Jackson) on Good Times and has since taken to calling me that.


One thought on “Blog Challenge Day 22: A rose by any other name…

  1. And the names all seem to fit you because you really WERE ‘Big Stuff” Dar (for awhile at least)! Also ‘Picky fFngers” and not only holding onto ‘stuff in those little hands, you are the best at getting little things untangled like necklaces, braiding tiny little hairs neatly, and all of that! Sooooo ‘a name/rose like any other…’ you got it Sista!


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