Blog Challenge Day 19: You’re a hard habit to break.

Day 19: Describe a habit you wish you didn't have. What ch'all know about Peter Cetera and Chicago?! I am a little obsessive compulsive about the way I leave my home before I head out to work. I will be late to work just because I feel obligated to make sure there are no stray [...]

Blog Challenge Day 18: Oh yeah, you were right: I got that fellowship.

Day 18: Write a letter to someone you miss.   Hi Aunt Sarah! The students are fine.  They are sometimes under prepared but if they already knew it all (like they sometimes think they do) I guess that would mean I wouldn't have a job!  I didn't think I would like working with young people [...]

Blog Challenge Day 17: Sigh. Gulp. Selah.

Day 17: Post a photo of something that makes you want to cry. This image is from a slide show that came to my inbox from NeoGriot, an information listserv maintained by Kalamu Ya Salaam. In this picture 2 year old Clercilia Regis' legs are being bound with gauze by a medic. According to doctors, [...]

Blog Challenge Day 16: my cousin Kenny

Day 16: Post a picture that makes you smile.   Kenny is my second cousin--the son of my pop-pop's sister.  So just by virtue of his age he's really always been more like an uncle, so much so that unlike with any other cousin, my sisters and I put a handle on his name.  He [...]

Blog Challenge Day 15: Failing the EPT

Day 15: What would you do if you were--or got someone else--pregnant? If I found out today that I was pregnant I would hail the miracle as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ of Nazarath and change my name to darlene the Don Dada because that would make me a bad-d-d-d-d shutyomouf.  Or else I [...]

Blog Challenge Day 14: “I Love Myself When I’m Laughing…”

Day 14: Describe something you like about yourself. "...and then again when I'm looking mean and impressive." Zora Neale Hurston (1927) In other words, I like my dimensions--not physical though those are cool--but that I am not, don't have or feel the need to be any one thing at any given time to anyone. I [...]

Blog Challenge Day 13: Girl Power my a**

Day 13: Tell us about your least favorite female singing group. Really?  No but...for real? I think that's what went through my head when I saw a group of obviously grown-assed women parading around like teeny boppers in costumes/outfits to "match" their stage personas talking about "Girl Power." The Spice Girls irked me.  And as [...]

Blog Challenge Day 12: S Double U to the V

Day 12: Tell us about your favorite female group. Boy groups were always my thing--I would've been a New Edition or DeBarge groupie if I could've figured out an escape from Benjamin Banneker Elementary School and got a hold of the tour bus' bumper. With my sisters, I swung my shirt "hair" around on the [...]

Blog Challenge Day 11: Of Exes and Oohs

Day 11: Write a letter to one of your exes. This letter could probably be written to anyone I ever dated really; they all have ended the same:  It ain't working; I say it; they feign confusion; we play around a little bit more; done. Dear You: The worst part of ending our relationship was [...]

Blog Challenge Day 10: My Homies

Day 10: Describe your best friends. They are both Baltimore transplants; remember me with orange hair and braces; have written me letters—not email or texts but letters—that require postage stamps; both have only 1 brother; drive; have spent the night; have let me spend the night; are not vegetarian nor taller than me; are loyal; [...]