Blog Challenge Day 14: “I Love Myself When I’m Laughing…”

Day 14: Describe something you like about yourself.

“…and then again when I’m looking mean and impressive.”
Zora Neale Hurston (1927)

In other words, I like my dimensions–not physical though those are cool–but that I am not, don’t have or feel the need to be any one thing at any given time to anyone.

I like being me, am glad to have lived long enough to say that honestly and hope to die still believing it.

I appreciate my imperfections, get anxious about the journey, and am sometimes more calculating and decisive than I should be.  I am stubborn, impatient, and beat myself up for that among other things.  On the other hand I take Ms. Faye’s cue sometimes: It’s okay to be awesome.

I like that I know how to be still.  That I know how to know and how to be completely unequivocally, humanly ignorant.

I guess what I like about me, in short, is that I’m okay with being not all the way okay.

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