Blog Challenge Day 13: Girl Power my a**

Day 13: Tell us about your least favorite female singing group.

Really?  No but…for real?

I think that’s what went through my head when I saw a group of obviously grown-assed women parading around like teeny boppers in costumes/outfits to “match” their stage personas talking about “Girl Power.”

The Spice Girls irked me.  And as much as I believe in “Girl Power” I would rather hear that mantra from, oh say, the Cheetah Girls who were in fact girls when they came onto the scene than from grown women.

In 1997 when they emerged–or peaked depending on who you ask–they were in their early 20’s and I suppose because they were only on the cusp of womanhood, I could excuse their gimmicky-ness–half sexy; half childish.    (Talk about a mixed message).

At the time–we were the same age–they just seem painfully inappropriate.   And I’m afraid, no amount of justifying their artistic innovation (creating female bubblegum pop to counter the onslaught of boy groups at the time) has been able to make me appreciate them.  In fact, I would contend that their “innovation” as critics hailed it was the precursor to the quasi-sexualization of teenybop like Britney Spears gyrating in a school girl uniform, letting us know she wasn’t that innocent and Miley Cyrus posing nude for Vanity Fair, cavorting with her boy toys, or boldly telling the press that she wanted her Disney Channel TV show Hannah Montana to “be more like Sex and the City” since at 15, it was “her favorite show.”

Not to put the weight of the world on the Spice Girls, but really, their platform was effed up and these are just some of the little girls who were standing in the audience in rapt attention.  I’m just saying: as grown folks, if and when we get a chance to say something we might wanna watch our mouths.  And our butts.  Children almost never fail to ignore what you say but they will doggone sure imitate what you do.

One thought on “Blog Challenge Day 13: Girl Power my a**

  1. Well girlie, you said it! It almost sounded like something I’D have said…guess you’re pretty sick & tired of this sick & tired mentality of these silly antics of ‘grown folk’ acting like over sexed kids, that make real kids like that Britney gal think that it’s ok to do/say and act like that. Hmmm can’t imagine how a parent could/would think that’s ok…yep Dar – you’re officially a sensible grown up and almost a clone of your Mama (and Grandmama)!!! But….cussin???? Hmmmm gotta let Dad read THIS!


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