How Life Leaves Us (Final Girl series, cont’d).

So fiction is part of this Final Girl series. Full disclosure: I stopped trusting my fiction after a too-long stint in middle and high school with novellas about girls named Raisin.  Yes, those stories happened.  Of course, the day may come when I side eye this the same way. But for now, here goes... --d [...]

Autumn’s Ending

from The Fall of Freddie the Leaf by Leo Buscaglia “I’m afraid to die,” Freddie told Daniel. “I don’t know what’s down there.” “We all fear what we don’t know, Freddie. It’s natural,” Daniel reassured him. “Yet, you were not afraid when Summer became Fall. They were natural changes. Why should you be afraid of [...]

Daydream Sequence #12

I was at a Writers Conference and had decided to spend the evening in a coffee shop getting some writing done.  My walk to the coffee shop involved crossing a bridge wherein the exit from the bridge to the shopping center, which also housed a Kroger grocery store, was kind of obscure. It was dusk—around [...]

Daydream Sequence #11

It was at one of my old apartments. The unit had a large balcony parallel to an I95 overpass.  Though it was hardly a high rise building, my "penthouse" unit was at least 5 stories high. My bedroom opened onto the balcony; in the dream much like in waking life I took any opportunity I [...]

Blog Challenge Day 28: Got brains?

Day 28: What attracts you to someone? Got brains?  You can get it!  Ooh that was crass.  (Please don’t judge me). But seriously, I am a sucker for someone who can teach me something and not just hold but carry a conversation.  (The latter will prove quite important because I can be painfully shy and [...]

Daydream Sequence #10

As I moved away from the scene almost catching some sidewalk in my rush, I wondered what exactly I had just witnessed. There was running and screaming.  Something violent had occurred; what injuries or death had happened I could not know in my haste to get away from the chaotic scene--mostly car lights and throngs [...]

Daydream Sequence #8

My r.e.m.  is interrupted by an abrupt need to search for a sweet spot.  Kick my legs to loosen the comforter that’s tangled them.  Gosh I’m tired.  I survey the dark room as it appears from this new angle; under the dresser.  Nothing new there: same old dust. Suddenly there are lights.  Police lights?  No, [...]

Big Dreams

My life tells a completely different story, but the truth is I dream big. I dream bigger than my pockets can handle; in ways that scare my family; as often as possible; and with the personal assurance that they will come true in some time and place. I am also impatient and easily manipulated by [...]

Random Thoughts, cont’d.

Random thoughts, cont'd. 204.  “Is it supposed to feel like this?” Are there any situations in which one expects an affirmative response to this question? 205.  Why does the speedometer go past speeds at which there are never any (legal) instances in which one should travel them? 206.  Molded cheese is edible.  Just slice away [...]