Daydream Sequence #11

It was at one of my old apartments.

The unit had a large balcony parallel to an I95 overpass.  Though it was hardly a high rise building, my “penthouse” unit was at least 5 stories high.

My bedroom opened onto the balcony; in the dream much like in waking life I took any opportunity I could to go out there.

For some reason, on this occasion–a beautiful mild day–I went back and forth inside then out on the balcony a lot of times.

Probably the second or third time out, I noticed that the railing of the balcony was shaky.  I worried over it for only a minute before deciding to sit away from it on the opposite side of the balcony which was (again, as in waking life) a brick wall.

The next time I went in, I emerged onto the balcony with a partner–not sure how or why he showed up as I only know him in waking life cordially and without  a last name.  In this instance, he was my romantic partner and laughed off my now palpable fear of the once shaky, now non-existent balcony railing.

Somehow, this railing had now become part of the journey I had to make back into the apartment.  I managed to make the journey back into the apartment without the aid of the railing once or twice.  I’m not sure if there was a ladder involved or some high jumping.  But each time I made the trip–and I kept making the trip for some reason–my fear became greater until I was pinned to the opposite brick wall of the balcony afraid to make the trip again.

My partner was nowhere to be found now.  What would I do?  I knew I could not spend the night on the balcony, nor my entire life out there despite feeling like that was what it was about to come down to.  I had to get back into the apartment; to get over my fear and do what I had previously managed to do–albeit cautiously and reluctantly.

Before waking I managed to get in.  And once inside the apartment I made up my mind to never make the trip out to my beloved balcony again.  Which made me very sad.  I woke up sad.

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