rethink: Suspect

suspectSix months ago in St. Louis, homeless mother of 2 Anna Brown, refused to leave St. Mary’s Hospital complaining of pain and an inability to walk.  She was arrested, carried to jail, and placed on the cement floor moaning.  Within 15 minutes she was dead of a blood clot that had gone from her sprained ankle to her lungs.  Much of it is caught on police video.  Brown woman was suspected of being under the influence of drugs.  Her autopsy revealed there were no drugs in her system.

In late February, 17 year old Trayvon Martin was walking through his father’s gated community in Sanford, Florida when he was confronted by a Neighborhood Watch leader on patrol.  The leader told a 911 dispatcher that the 6’3 boy wearing a hood in the rain and talking on his cell phone was acting “messed up.”  Within minutes, there was a confrontation and cries for help before Martin was dead of a single gunshot wound to the chest.

And a week ago–this:
In Chicago, 22 year old Rekia Boyd was shot and died of her wounds several days later.  An off-duty officer believed a man she was with had a gun.  The “gun” was a cell phone on which the man was talking.  The person he was talking to heard shots.  One of those shots went through Rekia’s head. The officer had fired several times through the car window, grazing the man’s head and nearly severing his thumb as he put his hand up to block the shots.

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