Random Thoughts, cont’d.

Random thoughts, cont’d.

204.  “Is it supposed to feel like this?”
Are there any situations in which one expects an affirmative response to this question?

205.  Why does the speedometer go past speeds at which there are never any (legal) instances in which one should travel them?

206.  Molded cheese is edible.  Just slice away the mold and be happy.

207.  Many plants do not have any form of sex as part of their reproduction cycle.  Wow.  Babies without babydaddies/babymamas.  They might be onto something.

208. 85% of the world’s wealth is held by 10% of the population.

209.  There’s a new bowel movement market: prunes wrapped like little candies; extra fungus yogurt; fibrous pop tarts.  Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks too many people are full of shit.

210. Stressed spelled backward is desserts.

Blame these on the migraine.

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