Monthly Meter: November

fellowship/publication submissions: 3  fellowship/publication acceptances: 0 fellowship/publication rejections: 5 (+1 we don't like the rest of this s*?@ but we think we're kinda feeling this one piece.  Let us check it out a li'l longer. Yeah, it's a new kind of rejection for me too--or is it an acceptance?  I'm going with acceptance, like a  [...]

Autumn’s Ending

from The Fall of Freddie the Leaf by Leo Buscaglia “I’m afraid to die,” Freddie told Daniel. “I don’t know what’s down there.” “We all fear what we don’t know, Freddie. It’s natural,” Daniel reassured him. “Yet, you were not afraid when Summer became Fall. They were natural changes. Why should you be afraid of [...]

Cracks in the Facade

In December of last year my father suffered a heart attack.  If there’s a such thing as a freak heart attack, his was one.  My dad is no Jack Lalane, but despite his penchant for fried chicken wings and bacon, he’s a pretty fit dude according to his doctors.  Up until that morning, he had [...]

To Do List (in no particular order)

1.  Read 50 books. 2.  Write 50 new poems. 3.  Take a hot air balloon ride. 4.  Drive to a destination at least 4 hours away solely for leisure. 5.  PR in 1 marathon. [DONE! 11.16.13] 6.  Cook a recipe using tofu. [DONE! 3.3.13] 7.  Spend 1 week eating all raw foods. 8.  Complete 100 [...]

Monday Mayhem

If not here, I would live in... a loft--with hardwood floors. or his arms. or bliss. preferably all of the above. My dream holiday would be to... eat well, sleep peacefully, read by the water, and shop for do-dads and what-nots in a warm place where the sun makes me 2 shades darker and perfectly [...]

The Girl That Won’t and the Girl That Will

Yesterday I stopped by my favorite gyro joint.  The joint is in a fairly congested shopping district; yesterday's beautiful weather was cause for more than the usual congestion but I felt prepared, had put my claustrophobia in check long enough to score some late lunch. I was barely 2 steps out the door with my [...]