To Do List (in no particular order)

Let the doing begin.

1.  Read 50 books.
2.  Write 50 new poems.
3.  Take a hot air balloon ride.
4.  Drive to a destination at least 4 hours away solely for leisure.
5.  PR in 1 marathon. [DONE! 11.16.13]
6.  Cook a recipe using tofu. [DONE! 3.3.13]
7.  Spend 1 week eating all raw foods.
8.  Complete 100 push ups (in a row).
9.  Reach full expression of fixed firm posture (and maintain for 10 breaths).
10. Spend the night at a bed and breakfast. [DONE! 4.4.13]
11. Go white water rafting.
12. Grow fingernails. [DONE! Summer 2013]
13. Publish 10 poems.
14. Donate $20 bi-monthly.
15.  Save $20 for no reason monthly. [DOing!]
16.  Wear my dashiki bikini (in public).
17.  Get a tattoo. {DONE 3.16]
18.  Shimmy for at least 10 counts.
19.  Place in a 5k. [DONE! 9.3.13]
20.  PR in a 10k. [DONE! 4.13.13]
21.  Say it anyway. [DONE! (too many times to list)]
22.  Slow down and be on time (in the same trip). DONE!
23.  Complete a triathalon.
24.  Pay off my SUV. [DONE! 7.13]
25.  Rock locs. [DOING!]
26.  Grow an edible plant and eat it.
27.  Stop eating microwave popcorn (and buy a popper). [DONE! 12.21.12]
28.  Make fresh butter. won’t get DONE; the girl’s gone vegan.
29.  Earn a PhD.
30.  Clean the blinds and ceiling fans.
31.  Fly somewhere. [DONE! 3.24.13]
32.  Update my About Me profile.
33.  Learn to play chess.
34.  Learn to play spades.
35.  Define my obliques.
36. Get air in my tires.   [DONE!]
37.  Crochet something.
38.  Recite, umm, something. [DONE! 5.31.13]
39.  Swim in the ocean.
40.  Watch 5 movies. [DONE!  Winter Break 2013]
41.  Walk in heels.
42.  Get a facial.
43.  Complete a residency of at least 1 week.
44.  Complete a chapbook. [DONE! 5.6.13]
45.  Win some money. [DONE! 4.6.13Hacke Scholar-Teacher Award]
46.  Perform in a dance recital.
47.  Disturb my neighbor with Play my xylophones.
48.  Memorize a new phone number.
49.  Photograph the Canal Walk.
50.  Participate in a real photo shoot.
51.  Complete an ultramarathon[DONE! 12.15.12Seashore Nature Trail 50k] 
52.  Send a message in a bottle.
53.  Visit NYC.
54.  Host a shindig, get-together, soiree.
55.  Do, that is read in, a poetry reading. {DONE 5.16]
56.  Go for a hike.
57.  Paint a picture.
58.  Go camping.
59.  Dance in the rain.
60.  Develop a soup recipe. {DONE]
61.  Wear my get-em girl dresses (outside my dressing room). [DONE! 6.8.13]
62.  Donate blood.
63.  Hula hoop without stopping.
64.  Visit a shooting range (and yes, shoot guns).
65.  Go skating (ice and roller). [DONE! 12.26.13]
66.  Get a certification in something. [DONE! 2.23.13]
67.  Write at least 1 blog entry per week.
68.  Use a Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon.
69.  Fall for someone.
70.  Get on the bone marrow registry. [DONE]
71.  Make a juice using wheatgrass. [DONE!]
72.  Eat more kale. [DONE!]
73.  Read a holy text all the way through. [DONE! 12.13]
74.  Get my molar extracted. [DONE 9.16]
75.  Get a pedicure.
76.  Learn to use a sewing machine.
77.  Take an academic class for fun.
78.  Get paid for poetry.
79.  Create a personal soundtrack.
80.  Buy a new suitcase. [DONE! 4.13]
81.  Burn some calories. [DOing!]
82.  Purchase an item on Etsy. [DONE! 10.13]
83.  Sell something on Craigslist.
84.  Revisit yoga. [DONE sort of…8.26.13 – 9.26.13]
85.  Do some kickboxing.
86.  Wear my retainer (consistently). [DOING! 2.13 – 4.13 so far]
87.  Bake a rum cake. [DONE 12.24.15]
88.  Exhibit artwork in a gallery. [DONE 6.15]
89.  Turn the mattress. [DONE! 3.14]
90.  Write a short story. [DONE! 12.3.13]
91.  Create a personal logo.
92.  Complete a manuscript. [DONE! 2.13–let the revising begin!]
[Off to publishers–5.13]
93.  Run in the rain. (and sleet and snow, too). [DONE2.16.13 – Love Rox Half Marathon]
94.  Learn a new dance/step. [DONE! Wolosodon]
95.  Run a race with/keep up with with my nieces and nephews.
96.  Buy an ice cream maker.
97.  Cover my dining room and craft tables.
98.  Do a cartwheel.
99.  Color. [DONE! 5.29.14]
100.  Attend an Alvin Ailey performance.

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