Monday Mayhem

If not here, I would live in…
a loft–with hardwood floors.
or his arms.
or bliss.
preferably all of the above.

My dream holiday would be to…
eat well, sleep peacefully, read by the water,
and shop for do-dads and what-nots
in a warm place
where the sun makes me 2 shades darker and perfectly glow-y.

My current obsessions are…
experimenting with veganism and raw foods,
locing my hair,
my next marathon,
moving through bodies of water without a flotation device,
that song “Adorn” by Miguel,
and questioning.

I channel my childhood self when I…
play with my nieces and nephews,
eat cereal and/or Mike and Ikes,
and/or am alive.

The fictional character I most relate to is…
Deighton’s youngest daughter in Browngirl, Brownstones by Paule Marshall.

If I had to be outdoors all day I would…
be taking pictures of random stuff;
maybe running a bit;
or spray painting something;
likely wearing sunglasses.

My favorite quality in a man is…
and/or the ability to be vulnerable,
and/or his wrists,
and/or that beat your chest posturing Mahn-ly Mahn thing they do.

My favorite quality in a woman is…
unpretentious wisdom
preferably with a side of humor and fashion sense
and/or the ability to giggle at girl stuff.

I’m terrified of…
being single at 60;
people who text and drive;
losing (my facade of) control;
bent and broken people (who don’t know they’re bent or broken).

My dream car is a…
completely paid off mid-sized late model SUV.

My cocktail of choice is…
cranberry spritzer
(with lime and a little ginger).

My celebrity crush is…
clearly too busy to entertain my notions
and/or waiting to meet my wonderfulness.

My beauty product of choice is…
and/or sleep
and/or shea butter and Noxzema.

My friends and I like to…
talk on the phone for excessive amounts of time;
buy things for ourselves;
read nutrition labels;
and get too busy with life to get together often.

If I could go back in time for one decade it would be…
the 70’s when I’d probably live on the West Coast;
wear love beads and an afro;
fight the power.

As a teenager I was totally into…
gold—necklaces, shoes, my glasses; even my rain jacket–14k all the way;
love songs;
leaving Delaware;
and pen-pals.

I tend to splurge on…
lip gloss;
gas–oh yeah, I have to pay that much.

Today I am…
thinner than I was at 13; the aunt of a today-turned-9-year old niece; wearing a really green scarf.

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