Monthly Meter: November

fellowship/publication submissions: 3

 fellowship/publication acceptances: 0

fellowship/publication rejections: 5 (+1 we don’t like the rest of this s*?@ but we think we’re kinda feeling this one piece.  Let us check it out a li’l longer. Yeah, it’s a new kind of rejection for me too–or is it an acceptance?  I’m going with acceptance, like a  you’re the girl I’m gonna marry but let me mess around with you for a minute before I make that commitment).

 books:  Would you be referring to those objects strategically placed in my bag and at my bedside in case I’m up for an Apartment Therapy house tour that reflects that I am an intellectual with something called “time” available to me?  Oh, yeah, those.  Got a stack of 5 from the Salvation Army on Black Friday.  For photo ops of course.

Secret Shame: my nails (or what remains of them); my angel plants (or what remains of them)

Mantra of the Moment: The universe is wiser than me.  The universe is wiser than me.  The universe is wiser. than. me.

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