A Found Poem…

phone book art

…that I have no business sharing because it’s new and should not be out in this cool air.  Just building up its immune system is what I would tell the elders and well-meaners if they asked, “Do you really think she’s ready?  Shouldn’t you wait?”  But they probably wouldn’t ask.  They would just hiss at each other in the back about the “girl who don’t know no better.”  I don’t.  They’re right.   Ergo Prayer Chant #2, y’all.  (#1 is ‘tween me and her daddy: the really no good, kinda terrible, downright sucky fall day).  Enjoy.

Prayer Chant #2,

We take for granted that
some things will never be said.

The tension takes its toll.
We bear life barely

as if it is crushed glass
beneath our feet.

Say it any/way.
Do it because the tiny cuts hurt

no less if they embed in your soles
or shatter further under your weight.

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