Blog Challenge Day 30: Who are you?

Day 30: Who are you?

(Wo)man in the Mirror
Still trying to figure that out...

In case the blog challenge hasn’t answered it for you by now…

I am an honest, creative, stubborn, inquisitive being with an uncanny love of sweets, especially tropical Mike and Ikes and ice cream–uncanny because of my tendencies towards being a bit of a health nut: I’m a Kashi stan.

I have sensitive ears and wear red cat glasses at the end of almost every day at work (and sometimes on weekends).

My favorite color is Bright.

I’ve recently discovered that I’m a vegetarian on more days than I’m not and I do not practice religion.

Books and beads keep me company more often than people.

Sometimes I dance in the mirror, talk a lot, and chew on my left forefinger.

I fancy the gypsy life but am so sentimentally attached to my stuff–unfinished art “projects,” accessories, books, and photo albums (ugly pictures and all) that I doubt it’ll work for me.  Not that I haven’t considered and even worked towards it.

I have never been in love before, have been depressed before, and am not convinced that either is a requisite of living a full life.

My nails are really short (not on purpose I’m afraid) and I love my hair when it’s matted and coily, my nose ring, and my pinky finger (because the nail usually grows on it straight and strong).

I have little patience for excuses, running out of coco bread before close of business, slow drivers in the acceleration lane, Nascar racers in the right lane, dragging your feet—especially while wearing oversized Ugg boots, Timberland boots, or flip flops, and dudes who grunt, groan, and flex in the gym.

I am a sister, a twin, a friend, a dreamer, a daughter, nobody’s fool, a saver, a teacher, a poet, a pretty cool aunt, a tenant, a diy’er who likes to bake, create 10 minute meals, travel, run, dance, and shop and intends to be funky fresh long after the term is hip.  Oh, it’s not hip any more?  Well then: there you have it.

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