Say word. (an invitation)

kun - an Arabic word referring to the act of manifesting, existing, and being In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God...Through him all things were made.  John 1-3 KJV In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Now the earth was formless and [...]

UtR on the Interwebs

How Running Changed Me: Running Gave Me Confidence | Runner's World How Running Changed Me: Running Gave Me Confidence Darlene Anita Scott started running after getting out of a relationship and it changed her life. Published July 8, 2013 NAME Darlene Anita Scott AGE 38 OCCUPATION University instructor & writer HOMETOWN Richmond, VA What prompted [...]

Monthly Meter for December

fellowship/publication submissions: 4  fellowship/publication acceptances: 0 fellowship/publication rejections: 2  books:  I'm a writer--I don't read.  Apparently. Secret Shame: See above. Mantra of the Moment: Don't wait for opportunity, make opportunity.

Monthly Meter: November

fellowship/publication submissions: 3  fellowship/publication acceptances: 0 fellowship/publication rejections: 5 (+1 we don't like the rest of this s*?@ but we think we're kinda feeling this one piece.  Let us check it out a li'l longer. Yeah, it's a new kind of rejection for me too--or is it an acceptance?  I'm going with acceptance, like a  [...]

To Do List (in no particular order)

1.  Read 50 books. 2.  Write 50 new poems. 3.  Take a hot air balloon ride. 4.  Drive to a destination at least 4 hours away solely for leisure. 5.  PR in 1 marathon. [DONE! 11.16.13] 6.  Cook a recipe using tofu. [DONE! 3.3.13] 7.  Spend 1 week eating all raw foods. 8.  Complete 100 [...]

Monthly Meter: October

fellowship/publication submissions: 0 fellowship/publication acceptances: 0 fellowship/publication rejections: 2 books: 0 Secret Shame: 1.  This month's meter.  2.  My truck is still dingy and the tires need air. Mantra of the Moment: All things are in perfect order.

There was no title

...and in October of 2002 when I wrote it, I can assure you that this man did not exist (erehem, in this form). So why is this not-so-great snippet worth a mention? Well, from at least 1998-2000 (the MFA years) I was mostly strictly and defiantly autobiographical in my writing. My thesis advisor (bless the [...]

Monthly Meter: August

fellowship/publication submissions: 8 fellowship/publication acceptances: 0 fellowship/publication rejections: 3 books: The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man - James Weldon Johnson *Coming Home - Stacy Hawkins Adams Jonestown: A Vexation - Carmen Gillepsie The Onliest One Alive - Catherine (Hyacinth) Thrash as told to Marian K. Towne *Kindred - Octavia Butler Secret Shame:  1.  Popcorn for [...]

Marrow (A Sort of Update)

56 poems into my manuscript and I'm back to Day One. On Day One, I was enrolled in the workshop where the project was born.  A. Van Jordan, our instructor, had us select a historic event and try writing about it.  Often, okay it is the case for me and I can only speak for [...]