The Request of His Body

But he has known since he met her that the girl on the other line owns herself. Only you surprise yourself by how much. You worry when he laughs, “Just wondering.” But there is more than wondering you hear.

Running Giveth and Running Taketh Away (Maybe)

Running gave me confidence I didn't know I lacked. My body changed internally and externally and I surprised myself by achieving things I had considered out of my league and moreover out of my reach. Then I had a disappointing race experience at the end of a phenomenal training season.  Which led to more disappointing [...]

UtR on the Interwebs

How Running Changed Me: Running Gave Me Confidence | Runner's World How Running Changed Me: Running Gave Me Confidence Darlene Anita Scott started running after getting out of a relationship and it changed her life. Published July 8, 2013 NAME Darlene Anita Scott AGE 38 OCCUPATION University instructor & writer HOMETOWN Richmond, VA What prompted [...]