Who Feels It Knows It

"Unless you know, you don't know." RIP Robin Williams _____________________________________________________ someday you will find this. in some box of old syllabi and grammar drills or with some notes for something i planned to write and revise and publish. you will find it and you'll sit down right where you are. you will stop. stop everything [...]

Running Giveth and Running Taketh Away (Maybe)

Running gave me confidence I didn't know I lacked. My body changed internally and externally and I surprised myself by achieving things I had considered out of my league and moreover out of my reach. Then I had a disappointing race experience at the end of a phenomenal training season.  Which led to more disappointing [...]

Where Shame Has No Home

…touch the scar to assure us the enemy lurking//will not bring shame where shame has no home. from “Touch: A Letter to the Mother” by L. Lamar Wilson I joined the ranks of the diagnosed mentally “ill” in 2006. Now my cursor is staring at me—accusing, threatening, impatient, nervous, and ashamed; daring me to say [...]