Monthly Meter (July, September, & August editions)

I am ridiculously behind on posting my stats. So for all 10 of you who keep track of my publication oohs and oh-ohs, here they are: July fellowship/publication submissions: 0 fellowship/publication acceptances: 1 fellowship/publication rejections: 3 books: Sister Outsider - Audre Lorde Secret Shame: I am in a love/hate relationship with Sleep. Mantra of the [...]

Balancing Act: An Exercise of the Conscious Creative*

I've been writing about it all month...may as well finish out the month with it.  Silence and silencing. The idea of silencing is nothing new.  One of the first times I recognized it at play in my own work, I was a college student wannabe writer enrolled in an autobiography class in which we read [...]

Where Shame Has No Home

…touch the scar to assure us the enemy lurking//will not bring shame where shame has no home. from “Touch: A Letter to the Mother” by L. Lamar Wilson I joined the ranks of the diagnosed mentally “ill” in 2006. Now my cursor is staring at me—accusing, threatening, impatient, nervous, and ashamed; daring me to say [...]