Blog Challenge 29: Thinking Ahead

Day 29: Describe your future plans and goals.     I plan to get a phD, visit Africa, tidy up the place, fall in love, publish Marrow (to great acclaim), run a sub-4 marathon, and achieve full lotus—not necessarily in that order.

Ayiti: L’âme se fortifie Béchons joyeux, béchons joyeux…

May the fields be fertile/And our souls take courage (from the Haitian National Anthem: La Dessalinienne) Tonight I send white light to Jessica’s dad, Pierre’s family, Edrice, Edmus, and the Danticats who remain… Haiti is a country whose history is one of fiercely fought for—and earned—independence. While in the face of such unspeakable and overwhelming [...]

Dispatch From the Lou’ “You complain for the life you supposed to have/But when you try to make plans God is known to laugh…” Broken Glass, Talib Kweli I’m in St. Louis for a writing workshop even though I’m no longer convinced that writing is something I need to do.  I used to have a sense of urgency: get [...]

Ummmm Brazil

Brazil was beautiful: Acai against the raving Atlantic and fried fish sprinkled with lime; brown surfers in Speedos and 2 a.m. rain storms; the fruit man announcing his harvest on his loudspeaker and fast-footed samba; sipping the water of a fresh coconut, sugar cane juice, Skol or kashaka; browning; none of that and all of [...]

Ahhh, Negril

At least I have the memories... I'm rushing off to work now, but had to take a look at some of the pictures for inspiration because, as usual, I could think of a million other things to do than work. Lessons from Negril: I earned my place in the world just by being born human [...]

Wild dreams are the ones most worth dreaming.

   It's official.  I'm going abroad this summer!  Twice.  Yay! First to Jamaica to get several shades browner, eat something jerked, curried, or otherwise tropically spiced, and pick up a few doo-dads to look at in the winter when I'm sitting in my living room thinking of how sucky my life is at that moment. [...]