Ahhh, Negril


At least I have the memories…

I’m rushing off to work now, but had to take a look at some of the pictures for inspiration because, as usual, I could think of a million other things to do than work.

Lessons from Negril:
I earned my place in the world just by being born human and not a dog.  I will demand that I be treated in kind.

It is a good feeling to have a job to go to; some people wish they had one to whine about.  I’ll try to stop whining.

Six pack abs are not only created in Gold’s and Bally’s.  And they don’t have to come attached to a bad attitude.

I am beautiful.  Soft belly, pimple scar, and all…That’s nice to know/believe when you’re sniffing and snotting like a decrepit dog as I am on this rainy morning.  How do you bring a cold home from Jamaica anyway?!

One thought on “Ahhh, Negril

  1. i am feeling the same feel with you,as you know.just by my side,i wouldn’t have the same career….good luck,tomorrow will be fine


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