Daydream Sequence #3

Biggie Smalls is on my couch.  With me. biggie.jpg And some other chick who wants to be there way-y-y-y more than I do.    I’m not sure why I am doing this.  Not really sure what “this” is.  The dream offers no answers.  I am sure of how much I don’t want to.

Finally he falls asleep.  And she has migrated to the bedroom.

I pretend to need to use the restroom when he’s roused by my attempt to get away.  How will I escape?  The bathroom is in the back of the apartment.  The couch is in the front and faces the door.  I leave something near the couch–I can’t tell what it is; a pillow maybe–to suggest my presence, tiptoe across the living room floor and to the front door.

It squeaks a little opening but I figure so long as I’m on the other side of it when he hears the noise, I’m safe.  Surely he can’t run down the 2 or 3 flights of stairs as fast as I can.  Descending the steps I stumble, nearly catching a bad one.

My escape is complete.

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