Ummmm Brazil


Brazil was beautiful: Acai against the raving Atlantic and fried fish sprinkled with lime; brown surfers in Speedos and 2 a.m. rain storms; the fruit man announcing his harvest on his loudspeaker and fast-footed samba; sipping the water of a fresh coconut, sugar cane juice, Skol or kashaka; browning; none of that and all of it put together…

My new Brazilian friend reminds me–I didn’t miss it–barefoot and missing its front teeth; about the height of my nephew Wilson; rubbing his stomach with one hand, the other extended for whatever change I could spare–that as beautiful as it is, Brazil has its problems.  They sat next to us on the beach–as beautiful, shapely, and young as any Jet Beauty of the Week–massaging way-y-y more sunscreen into their varying shades of bronze, cinnamon, and vanilla latte than necessary for the benefit, cigarettes, drinks, and “more” of the Italian tourists old enough to be (at the least) their young uncles.

Lessons learned:
1.  Poverty is relative.

2.  Try it; you’ll probably like it.

3.  Shut up; give your eyes and ears a chance to participate in the conversation.

4.  Confidence is not a size, complexion, or perfect pedicure.

5.  It’s always winter somewhere.

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