Ayiti: L’âme se fortifie Béchons joyeux, béchons joyeux…

May the fields be fertile/And our souls take courage

(from the Haitian National Anthem: La Dessalinienne)

Tonight I send white light to Jessica’s dad, Pierre’s family, Edrice, Edmus, and the Danticats who remain…

Haiti is a country whose history is one of fiercely fought for—and earned—independence.

While in the face of such unspeakable and overwhelming tragedy, it is easy to feel helpless; to lose sight of the power of the human spirit, the aid needed for Haitians and their families abroad is not solely tangible.

The African slaves that decided they wouldn’t be denied their humanity and wrested their destiny from their captors are the ancestors of those who are surviving in Haiti in the turmoil it has faced in recent years and today.

It’s easy to feel helpless at a time like this but your hands aren’t ever tied so long as your spirit is free.

Send your aid to Haiti, but remember who we’re talking about here—the descendents of proud warriors!

So send your energy too. Sometimes, it’s the only thing you have; just as often, it’s the best thing you can offer the world.

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