Throwing it back real quick right here... #yesallwomen_____________________________________________________ BEYOND EVERY CEILING IS THE SKY she came in peace, left pretense at the door let her baggage lose itself on his secret closet’s floor. among the baggage and the skeletons, she knelt to say her prayers, but no matter how she tried to sort them her [...]

PTSD [#3]

WHY LI'L KIM SHOULD WEAR MORE CLOTHES two men blocked me from crossing the street when i was fifteen, and offered to pay. it was not the first time i was forced to realize i had breasts by strangers with greasy hair and hands making me want to destroy my own body before they could [...]

PTSD [#2]

FDA approved for those who can’t afford organic chokes energy from WIC’ed babies thick-thighed  with hormones that make steaks fat, make asses fatter Thighs rub, chafe, make heat where cold glares peer with open lips from seismic ads, invite their men to lynch-worthy dalliance. Breakbeat psalms exalt: only a dog wants a bone. Spandex expands [...]

rethink: The Politics of Black Self Love

elf-aggrandizing is a familiar response to the systematic stripping of Black manhood, a familiar vestige of slavery and oppression. The arrogant and/or hyper-masculine posturing response to this stripping is pervasive not just in hip hop music, or even reggae toasting from which hip hop was born, but in black communities. Watch pastors, pimps, leaders in those communities and you will note the same material excess and self importance that young people learn to emulate.