Women I know wear Special so heavy their backs break under it; discard it in you and there you are feeling like you’re some kind of Robinhood to the rescue knowing full well you are water seeking its own level.

You Made It Out Alive: On the Murder of Janese Talton-Jackson

He took sex instead of your life; maybe the glass bottle he threw at you missed; you were named “bitch” and any other list of monikers that do not appear on your birth certificate; the old woman turned on the porch light and startled him and his pistol away; he left you in the street alone and lost in a city that was not your own. You made it out alive. None of those were missteps of the fragile male ego or drunkenness. They were not about how you lead him on or were rude or rash when you refused to comply to his demand for your attention. They were about the agency you have over your life and how you live it and being denied that agency so often

Breathing Lessons 101

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Throwing it back real quick right here... #yesallwomen_____________________________________________________ BEYOND EVERY CEILING IS THE SKY she came in peace, left pretense at the door let her baggage lose itself on his secret closet’s floor. among the baggage and the skeletons, she knelt to say her prayers, but no matter how she tried to sort them her [...]

PTSD [#2]

FDA approved for those who can’t afford organic chokes energy from WIC’ed babies thick-thighed  with hormones that make steaks fat, make asses fatter Thighs rub, chafe, make heat where cold glares peer with open lips from seismic ads, invite their men to lynch-worthy dalliance. Breakbeat psalms exalt: only a dog wants a bone. Spandex expands [...]