New Work in Persephone’s Daughters

The aim of this lit magazine is to empower women, but it also aims to be completely inclusive in regards to applicants/contributors. We love you. We’re not here to tell you to stay strong, because you’re already doing exactly that.

After Lunch

After lunch he lays in her lap. She twists his hair while they watch game shows and soaps. He feels her up; she slaps his hand. Your head is heavy. She twists some more. They go out for a walk holding hands. His father’s neighborhood does not have the eyes of hers or his mom’s and as free as she feels here she knows the escape is not permanent. So when we gonna do this again?

The Weight of Him

There is never a question and this, too, you believe appropriate to the narrative. His forcefulness is desire. His kisses, all tongue with nary a preliminary peck, are invitations not to be denied. And why would you deny them? You like him. You like his kisses. You enjoy his touch. What should come next is a part of the narrative you have not been given from The Women. So you wing it with what you believe. They give you onomatopoeia and warnings against Temptation and anecdotes about being Fast. You’re not Fast. And until now are not easily given to Temptation.

Wounds & Debris

1. I'm in the fourth or fifth grade.  In our small town, in the 80s, this makes me old enough to walk downtown without adult supervision.  Which is what me, my twin, and our sister Debbie are doing. A man in a red car drives slowly following us trying to lure us into his vehicle.  [...]

PTSD [#3]

WHY LI'L KIM SHOULD WEAR MORE CLOTHES two men blocked me from crossing the street when i was fifteen, and offered to pay. it was not the first time i was forced to realize i had breasts by strangers with greasy hair and hands making me want to destroy my own body before they could [...]

PTSD [#1]

Post Traumatic Sexualization Syndrome - a type of anxiety; typically brought on by the sexualization of the female body in its formative years and/or in such a consistent sequence that the anxiety presents in or even as her realized sexuality and sexual experience Post Traumatic Sexualization Disorder - disorder in which one's anxiety surrounding sexuality is [...]