PTSD [#1]

Post Traumatic Sexualization Syndrome – a type of anxiety; typically brought on by the sexualization of the female body in its formative years and/or in such a consistent sequence that the anxiety presents in or even as her realized sexuality and sexual experience

Post Traumatic Sexualization Disorder – disorder in which one’s anxiety surrounding sexuality is heightened; responses to this anxiety range from carelessness to hyper-caution; typical protective and healthy sexual response is changed or damaged



2 thoughts on “PTSD [#1]

  1. I had just revealed the following insight to my daughter: that one’s first sexual encounter determines every single event thereafter. When you give in to someone, you give up your future choices, your empowerment and your perspective on all things sexual and intimate either covertly or overtly. That first person defines, denies, or defiles you. So even a moment of passion creates a firestorm. You may want to repeat, correct, or regret the encounter She agreed.
    Dorothy Marie Rice


    1. Indeed. I think one of the challenges we have in socializing young men and especially women is that “giving in” is not a way to enter or experience any sexual encounter–not the first time, 80th, not number 2 million.


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