Daydream Sequence #8

My r.e.m.  is interrupted by an abrupt need to search for a sweet spot.  Kick my legs to loosen the comforter that’s tangled them.  Gosh I’m tired.  I survey the dark room as it appears from this new angle; under the dresser.  Nothing new there: same old dust. Suddenly there are lights.  Police lights?  No, [...]

Big Dreams

My life tells a completely different story, but the truth is I dream big. I dream bigger than my pockets can handle; in ways that scare my family; as often as possible; and with the personal assurance that they will come true in some time and place. I am also impatient and easily manipulated by [...]

Random Thoughts, cont’d.

Random thoughts, cont'd. 204.  “Is it supposed to feel like this?” Are there any situations in which one expects an affirmative response to this question? 205.  Why does the speedometer go past speeds at which there are never any (legal) instances in which one should travel them? 206.  Molded cheese is edible.  Just slice away [...]

The Obituary

As promised, I’ve been working out this obituary. And I got a new idea while writing it. I’m developing a collection of poems on Jonestown and I’m thinking I’ve found a format: a series of obituaries of the people in the pictures. Well as I imagine them since many aren’t identified. Just a thought. But [...]

Daydream Sequence #7

On Friday night I was caught in the middle of a campus shooting. I survived. Early in the day, I had sat in on a conversation between obvious gang members. Various pieces of their clothing, including the requisite kerchiefs, were the same color and signaled this to me. While I was not a member of [...]

Daydream Sequence #6 Last night I nearly drowned. I’m not sure how I ended up in the water.It was salt water, frothy, and that brownish color of a pond or lake and there was a lot of turbulence, so I was struggling. You should know that I am not a swimmer in my waking life. My personal [...]

A Note About Daydream Sequences If you've followed my posts, you've also followed my daydream sequences.  Let me explain: I am not superstitious though I am convinced that reality is relative and mostly a creation we make to manage our lives. For me, that idea probably began before I was born, conceived, or even was a twinkle in the [...]

Daydream Sequence #5

Once upon a time there was a nerd girl with tendencies toward hermit-ism, green-ness, and not a little--oh I already mentioned--nerd. At this time also lived a boy with tendencies toward the same, a dope sneaker collection, and random sundry other traits that bear mentioning (just not here; not now).