Can we talk?

"Grape is the sweetest betrayal. There is no removing the stain of it say moms everywhere & even if kids choose it last, they choose it, as loyal to its sugar as any."

Conversations that happen in my head…

...and maybe should stay there. **RAMBLE/RANT ALERT** I have gone through those break-ups that deflate you, suffered losses in which you know you will never stop missing the person as long as you exist on the planet and they do not.  I have physically hurt to the point of tears, curses, and moans--all of which [...]


It seems so obvious now. I don't want it all to be about race.  I don't.  But I teach mostly Black young people who have told me things like: 1.  My family calls me "white boy," you know, because I'm the one who goes to college. 2.  Slavery ended in, like, 1930 right?  C'mon Ms. [...]

Jonestown Turned 35 Yesterday

Marrow is my collection of poems about Jonestown (currently making the rounds with publishers).  Many of the voices I re-imagine in it are those of black women.  Why did they stay?  Where would they go?  Here's one answer. Why Did So Many Black Women Die? Jonestown at 35 Sikivu Hutchinson 35 years ago, on November [...]

If you have ever loved a black boy

boy /boi/ n. human male child I was probably in 7th grade, crushing on one or many, the first time I felt real tears for a black boy.  One I didn't know and because the evening news reported I never would.  My friend told me we were not connected; that there would be others to [...]