I call myself a professor, but…

The weight of our impact and the pressures it brings are familiar to me. So I hold Professor Davis in so much love and light. I hope she is being well supported. I hope we all are, in the quiet work that happens outside performance reviews and tenure packets; as we hope it will not be us but quietly accept the possibility and responsibility.

What’s It Worth?

It may be the teacher in me that believes my purpose is reinforced by my reach.

Look, I like a decent honorarium just like the next person. But if my value is wrapped up in that I feel like I'm missing the point and worse probably shortening my reach (and even worse: shortening it where it may be most critical).

Boots on the Ground

Some of y'all--well my twin and my mom mostly--have known the dark side of my last two professional years. When the profession gets out of the way of the work you get your magic.  But with the recent consumer-driven model of higher education that magic can fail as it gets flat and stale. Right now [...]

Wherever you are is where you’re supposed to be.

    Closing out another semester trying to figure out if this is what I need to be doing with my life, where I need to be doing it, how I need to be doing it.  In the the throes of my weekly existential crisis I remembered these tidbits of my career trajectory.  I'll tell [...]

rethink: The American Dream

Dude I had considered a friend asked another from our circle why I couldn't find a permanent teaching position.  I just ignored her stoking of the gossip flame. He had no degrees, but was a fairly--that is regionally--accomplished artist.  He was enjoying one of those "visiting professor" positions--it was his first.  Perhaps his condescension was [...]


It seems so obvious now. I don't want it all to be about race.  I don't.  But I teach mostly Black young people who have told me things like: 1.  My family calls me "white boy," you know, because I'm the one who goes to college. 2.  Slavery ended in, like, 1930 right?  C'mon Ms. [...]

The Good Ones

This morning I did a cycle ride with "Rick." I was a Cycling/Spin enthusiast before Running stole my heart and time.  I recently got reacquainted with it for cross training purposes.  But today was my first class with "Rick" as he'd been out sick with this flu thing that's ravaging 41 of the 50 states. [...]