Black Death and the What Ifs (is not a singing group)

So what if the mission of those profiting from Black Death porn is to accomplish their stated mission: to remind The State (of mind) that Black and Brown lives should be recognized and treated as actual lives? What if The State (of mind) changed as a result of their activism? The Black Death porn market would be diminished, right? No demand so no need for a supply. No supply no profit. So another what if--what if Black Death porn proliferates in order to keep this market going?

Friends, Followers, Likers, please lend me your ears…

All of my social networks--this blog, my Facebook page, my Twitter--are rooms  in my house.  If you're here: welcome--it's nice having you over! But let's make some things plain in case they have not been made clear already: 1.  You don't get to come in just because you knock.  Introduce yourself and/or state your business.  [...]