Friends, Followers, Likers, please lend me your ears…

All of my social networks–this blog, my Facebook page, my Twitter–are rooms  in my house.  If you’re here: welcome–it’s nice having you over!

But let’s make some things plain in case they have not been made clear already:

1.  You don’t get to come in just because you knock. 
Introduce yourself and/or state your business.  And if you were around when Skippy was a pup and have not been since, you are just as strange to me as any other stranger.  Again, introduce yourself and/or state your business or else, no, we cannot be “friends.”  I don’t let random people knock on my door and come in to be squatters.  And I won’t abide it in these rooms.  I value my safety and sanity.

2. You don’t get to stay just because I let you in once. 
So you came and we had a good time.  That doesn’t give you permanent squatter rights.  There is a time to go and that is particularly when you mess up and start doing number 3 stuff.  (Read the list below).

3.  Act up and you will get shown the door. 
I reserve the right to de-friend and/or block you when you use my house for any other party than the one I’m hosting.  If you’re here to gossip, bitch, squat, troll, lurk, steal, or anything else I consider analogous to the energy in my house, you can find the door or I’ll find it for you.

Enjoy the party y’all and feel free to invite some folks (this party’s starting to get a li’l dry with just the 10 of us, yes)?

Love. You.

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