Monthly Meter: January 2012

It’s ba-yack!  The Monthly Meter returns this year. 

It might be better named my accountability log; my Dar-get-on-the-stick statistics.  Because that’s really what all these numbers and records are about. 

Follow me on the journey.  Or walk beside me.  Well, run with me–I’m picking up the pace!  Come back every month to see how goes it.

This is how it went for January:

fellowship/publication submissions: 4

fellowship/publication acceptances: 1

fellowship/publication rejections:
2 (1 included a personal note!)

Nigger  Dick Gregory
Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?  Reginald Lewis
Slavery of Faith  Leslie Wagner-Wilson

Secret Shame: My driving persona has a sailor’s vocabulary and a short man’s ego issues.

Mantra of the Moment: Don’t try to do it right.  Just do it.

One thought on “Monthly Meter: January 2012

  1. I’ll be coming back to see how it goes…can’t run since you’re picking up the pace, and won’t walk…well, just because, but I’ll return..just as long as I don’t have to witness the ‘secret shame’ aspect (w/the sailor’s vocabulary & short man’s ego issues)! So…let’s get-it!!!


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