Blog Challenge Day 6: It’s so hard…

Day 6: Discuss a song that makes you cry.

Oh no—not Cochise!

to listen to this song…

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by G.C. Cameron is the absolute worst song in the entire world.

Not the bubblegum pop, not the misogynistic tomes that pass for hip hop, not even the ditties that seem to be charged with radioactive waves to make them stay in your head against your strongest defenses.

This song is hell to listen to.

Why?  Because no matter how well one sings it, no matter how melodic, there’s never a pleasant way or place to share it.  It’s the. absolute. saddest. song. EVER.

If it gets me through tomorrow, I hope it’s worth all the pain…So far, for me, it has never been worth it.

Off to get some tissues :/

2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 6: It’s so hard…

  1. Hey that’s a special song that is almost MEANT to bring tears because of the words & also the way it appeared in that movie. To add to that, it was actually sung at Dad’s mother’s funeral, so um….. shoot – just get the SUPER BIG box of tissues so you can share ’em w/me!


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