Confessions of a MySpace Sellout

I have been a hater since Skippy was a pup.

Everytime I visited a page I was nearly busted in the nose with big breasts and big booties and a lot of messages that included words like “boo.”

There were the occasional networking sites that seemed to be sticking true to their word–selling fashion, music, and books openly and not disguised by big booties and “boos” in the comments section.  I thought of them as being sort of like those blimps that fly overhead with “Will you marry me” messages. They just give you the information and keep it moving.

Those honestly networking pages would provide a remote address with no “my” or “space” anywhere in the URL.  And that URL was about all that could be found on their pages.  They distanced themselves just like those blimps!

I figured they were trying to let us know they were not there to sit down and take their shoes off among the screaming chirren and roaches traveling the far wall; in this case represented by the big booties and “boos” in the comments sections.

My other argument for avoiding Myspace–that my students are on MySpace–went out the window when some of them found this blog and recited some of my words back to me.  I never thought I could; nor obviously did I want to be, anonymous.  But MySpace was not the place for “serious” writing I reasoned based on what I know they like to share on it.

My students are on MySpace–“networking,” not so much for career advancement but for social advancement.  The number of “friends” one has is apparently a mark of his or her popularity and thus, relevance.

Yet another reason I should leave MySpace alone, I figured.  I mean, if this blog is any indication of what my friends list might look like I am in big trouble!  My real-life “friends”  list is short enough to count with my thumbs!

But alas, growing up with little money made my imagination that much bigger to compensate for the slack.  I relied on my imagination and resources and am still that way today.  Hence, my sellout to Big Brother; I mean, MySpace.

Sure I could’ve created my own website but truth is I don’t have a hot nickle to host it.  MySpace is free and accessible and maybe a little, well okay, a lot more fun to lose time with than I thought it might be.

Yeah, I know it’s obvious that I’m saying this to make myself feel better.  And it’s working.  You wanna know what else felt real-l-l-l-l good?  Those fun backgrounds, fonts, colors, and colorful wordplay.  I was at graphic arts heaven though my computer skills held me back from getting through the golden gates.  (You’ll see if and when you check it out…

…Sans big bootie girls and boos–neither of which will be found on my page).  What, instead, you should expect to find is my blog; the same one you read here but with a soundtrack and a longer “about me” section.

Hurry over before I retrieve my conscience; I’m at:

Hope to see you there,

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