Sexy Can I?

Maybe it’s because I daydream a lot that I fell in love with, well not actually a few men, but rather having crushes on them. 

My girl in college, a psychology major, laughed when I tried to explain the psychology behind the crushes. 

Maybe you will too.

But I think everybody needs a real crush; those you see from time to time and who present at least the possibility of getting together.  There’s always something in the way, though–a significant other, bad breath, s/he is a “bad” girl or “bad” boy–that keeps him or her at arm’s reach; just a crush.  So the thrill becomes that of the chase. 

We’ve all heard that men like the thrill of the chase, but guess what, so do we all.  It’s a primitive urge, I  guess, which is what I tried to explain to my girl.  We all like a little challenge.  Gives us something to do–one crush gave me a reason to go to Fundamentals of Something or Other and to comb my hair for group project meetings in the dorm lobby at 10 p.m. (on a weeknight)! 

On the other hand, the celebrity crush feeds the need for fantasy.  (You’re not alone; she raised her eyebrows at this one too). 

To be honest, I’m not much of a fantasy girl.  Fantasies have gotten a bad rap as being something we don’t and won’t do other than in our dreams.  I’m a dreamer and I believe, sometimes to a fault, in possibilities.  I do not get down with brick walls like that. 

But I’ve been down with a celebrity crush or two in my day.  Because surely those wives who aren’t in the industry probably did not expect to run into Mr. I Have All This Money and Clout one fine day.  But they did.  And live happily—sometimes—ever after.

I have dated the One Day I’m Gonna Be Mr. I Have All This Money and Clout; big fish in small ponds who had a little of both.  The fantasy, I know, is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Which is my point: reality is more boring most of the time.  Or just too, well, real. 

So What Ifs are nice sunny resorts on which to vacation.  That “vacation” is the celebrity crush.  Everybody needs a break sometimes, and the celebrity crush provides that.  
So y’all wanna know do I have a crush now.  That’s for me to know and you to find out…hehehe…Really, though I can’t answer any more questions now because I have to go put on some mascara so I can bat my eyes, I mean, ehem, protect my eyelashes!

Talk to you later!

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